Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Love and comfort

I have been working on my "love and comfort" shawl for quite some time, picking it up now and then for a row or two. It's just a very simple shawl that you can knit without really thinking = perfect "prayer shawl" knitting. I have a mantra for my knitknitknit and purlpurlpurling. It's faith hope love and sometimes the full "and these three things remain, fait,hope, and love, and the greatest of these is love." And the intention is to give this to someone who needs it when i finish. A hug around their shoulders bursting with positive energy and love.
But i have trouble meditating and my mind wanders to my problems, complaints, upsets, things i need to be doing other than knitting.
And as things have been pretty rough on the marriage front lately, i'm afraid there are more tears and anger and hurt and anxiety knit into this than prayers and positivity.
And I had no other yarn i thought would look nice with this so i had to bind off which makes it fairly small.
So do i give a skimpy hurt filled hug to someone? Or should i keep it to myself so as not to spread the negativity? I can't decide.


Kendra said...

Becca - I think you should pass it own. Not to pass those feeling to someone else.....but to let someone take the burden off you. A way of "letting go". I'm sorry things are so tough right now. I understand. I really do.

Oh....I receive a wonderful (confusing) package in the mail. I'll be home Sunday morning if you want to Skype. Just let me know.

Rebecca said...

but to let someone take the burden off you. A way of "letting go".

never thought of it that way.

....I receive a wonderful (confusing) package in the mail.

mrahahahahaa!!!!!!! yeah!!! lol!
how does the yarn feel in in your hands? what do those colors evoke in you? i'm hoping you're going to embark upon someting new :D
that's only part of the package
more on sunday ;D

Kendra said...

awwwww......the suspense!