Friday, July 2, 2010

A little levity

Sorry all dear friends and family for the depressing post last week. We are all doing much better since then.
I feel better thanks to all of your responses, sharing of stories, encouraging words (here and on ravelry) and thanks to talking to the doc i had originally talked to on the phone. She told me that heels are hard to anesthetise - you have to go deep to get past the thick epiderme there. (yes i'm cheating, wan't remember how to spell that word in english hehehe) and especially after apologizing to RĂ©mi and letting him know how i felt about it and after having taken such good care of his bandage every day since. He knows I love him and am trying to do my best. I've let Alex sit with me and watch and i've explained how to do bandages - she's always very attentive to people who are hurting physically or emotionally. She says she would never want to be a nurse but she has really got a soft wonderful touch and sensitivity. I definitely won't push but she would make a great caregiver.

So a little fun today. I am SOOOOOOOOO excited!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been wantinig a skein winder and swift for quite some time but the price has held me back. Christophe made me a makeshift swift out of my music stand but it took up tons of space and was at a funny awkward angle.
I finally broke down and got one because I saw an add on Ravelry for not only a swift / skein winder at a reasonable price, but it even inluded a counter that helps you determine how much yardage is in your skein! HALLELUJAH!
Now i'll actually know how much handspun i have to work with!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got it today. In only 30 minutes, I had already set up the swift and winder, read directions and caked 2 skeins, all ready to CO my next Seasons of lace KAL shawl!!!!! YIPPEE YIPPEE YIPPEE!!!!!

I was upset when i got the box cause i thought for sure it wasnt my winder/swift cause it weighed so little. And then when i opened it, i was even more disappointed cause all i saw under bubble wrap was a floral print and i was trying to figure out if i had purchased a bag or something i didnt remember getting. But it actually was a pretty bag for storage they included free of charge.

If you're thinking of getting a skein winder/swift, I would definitely recommend The Oregon Wood Worker Worker Very professional, excellent service, super quick shipping, excellent quality/price. The product itself works BEAUTIFULLY!!!!!!!!!! I have perfect little cakes!!! They're so cute and practical - i'm so excited! Again, the swift and winder weigh next to nothing. They are super quick to assemble and to disassemble. There is a pretty bag for storage so it's discreet when not in use. My grade = E for excellent!
Thank you Peter for a wonderful product!

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