Sunday, July 19, 2009

puppy pause

sorry it's been so long but Easy has been monopolizing a lot of my time - especially my sleeping time ;)
I didn't realize that it was like having a new baby :P
we tried to let her sleep in the bathroom but after 5 or 6 nights of constant yelping (and on a big work week none the less), we couldn't handle it anymore and moved her bed into our room. now if she moves around a bit i put my hand over the edge of the bed into the basket and she snuggles up next to my hand and goes back to sleep. only waking around 5:30 for pepe break outside and let her play around for about 30 minutes, then back to bed. so it's much much much better now! phew!
she's so funny and cute! we've been reading up on mini pinschers and found out that their personality is much lke a doberman's - won't let go of pray, very friendly with their masters but not so much with others, doesn't like other dogs and will not hesitate to attack them - even if they're a lot bigger than her. they were bred to chase rats and other rodents in the stables.
we've already noticed these traits - she will hold onto her little doll with her teeth while dangling in the air rather than letting it go, she shakes the living daylights out of her chew toys while making growling death threats, she growled at our neighbor's dog who was trying to make friends. she's quite a funny little pup!
we went on a very long walk yesterday. she trotted right along! she would whimper every once in a while so i'd pick her up but then she'd whine to get down so she could frollick.

sorry to jabber on about Easy

I've also been busy with the tour de fleece (a spinning challenge) and with world wide wip wrestling (wips are works in progress - i'm trying to finish up some of my ongoing projects).

and work :P!

a big thought and big hugs for Kendra and her family who are moving this weekend.

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KnitYoga said...

That DOES sound like looking after a new baby. Fun though! :-)