Monday, March 2, 2009

Girls' weekend in :)

The boys went skiing this weekend. They left Friday night before I got in from work and are coming back tonight (Monday) around 11 or 12 p.m. Which means Alex and I got to spend some "quality time" together. We had a great weekend! Friday she spent the night with Julie, next door, cause the boys left at 6 pm and i didn't get in til 9:15 (I usually get in about 8:15 but Friday was hell at work! phew!) I was very glad to have the house to myself (though Alex ran over to give me a kiss as soon as she saw the lights on ;))

So, Saturday, after I helped Alex get costumed up for the carnaval parade (she was at that from 10 to 12, while I ran in to town to pick up some things I needed for a swap) we spent the day crafting, cooking, coloring, cuddling.
Saturday night Julie came over and spent the night.
Sunday, we did more lounging around.
We did nothing in particular but we enjoyed it.

On the down side, for some stupid reason, I have been sleeping very badly since Friday. Wierd! Is it just cause the boys aren't here??? Who knows. Anyhow, nightmares have been waking me up two or three times a night and the last time being silly o'clock in the morning, I end up pouring myself out of bed... I'm a big sleeper so this is not good for me :(

Another down side, I'm addicted to ravelry. (An online knitting/crocheting community). I know this sounds stupid and it is! But it's gotten totally out of control. It keeps me from getting out of the house cause I want to keep checking the threads (like "chats" I guess), keeps me from doing different household chores and cooking I should do. Keeps me from calling my friends and family, or blogging, or writing to friends and family. It keeps me from doing my yogaAnd it keeps me from reading the Bible, meditating, praying. It's really stupid! So I decided to give it up except for 30 minutes a day for Lent. I'm hoping it will help me improve my relationship with God as I've been neglecting that lately, with my kids, as, well, ditto, with Christophe, as my butt's getting wider in front of this stupid puter! Etc...
I've failed miserably! :(


Let's end on a positive. Here are some pics from this weekend and from last Wednesday when me and fam went to Cassis on the way back from Marseille where we had to go get RĂ©mi's passport renewed.

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Kendra said...

That sounds like so much fun. I wish I had a weekend like that. And the pictures are beautiful.

Oh....Tyler decided to give up Cokes for Lent (although I think he has already forgotten). We have been going to Smyrna First Baptist. I told him that I didn't think Baptist practiced Lent, but that it couldn't be a bed idea. I don't want him feel like there is only "ONE" way.