Friday, December 5, 2008

What to do...

You know I've been hating my job and pining away my vactaion time over having to go back!
Why I hate my job : 1. the stress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. the "acharnement therapeutique" that would be...uh.... not leaving 90 year old alzheimer cancer ridden patients alone (i.e. putting a tube in and hooking them up to a machine instead of letting them pass away in peace surrounded by their loved ones)
3. the lack of respect from the doctors we work for/with
4. the organization
5. the general flow of the work day - crazy hectic.
6. the way we're ignored when we're trying to do our job (I in ICU - continual monitering so if something starts to go wrong, we can know right away and call the doctor right away - they typically tend to dismiss us like we're stupid. So we call 30 minutes later with an emergency situation that could have been taken care of in a more calm organized manner. Also, while trying pass over to the night nurse, the drs always choose that time to come into our office and loudly "shoot the s***". Gee thanks!
Why I like my job 1. the hours (though very tiring, at least I get a buttload of days off and many days where kids are at school which means time to myself ;) )
2. the stability comfort and security - I know everyone, they all know me
3. my teammates.
4. flexibilty as far asasking for vacation

Why am i talking about this yet again?
I just saw an ad on the unemployment office board - needed, assistant director for a daycare in Montpellier.
Here daycares are government regulated and are always run by nurses (usually pediatric nurses) or youth educators. They have a role in monitoring the psychological and physical development and environment of the children in the center. I would be in charge of a lot of paperwork, in charge of the team and under the director's orders, in charge of developping different programs for the children and pretty much setting the overall tone of the environment. Is this something I'm capable of?
Is this what I'm meant to do (I do believe God wants to use us all according to our gifts but I'm having trouble finding mine and discerning His will for my life)?
The good things about this job - 1. no weekends.
2. not at all the same kind of stress that I'm having more and more trouble dealing with
3. no more alzheimers patients or people wigging out totally
4. a "normal" work life, with evenings with kids, business hours like everyone else
the bad things about this job 1. instead of a monthly commute time of about 15 hours, I'll have about 40 hours of driving per month!
2. no more alone time
3. same hours as everyone else - when will i get things done, like post office, shopping while others are at work...

I think I would enjoy this but I don't want to regret it, am not sure I'm capable and mostly I really want to make the right choice for my family and to discern God's will.


Kendra said... can always go back to nursing, right? And you think you would like it?

I work weekends too. And I enjoy my day off during the week too. But at this point I would give ALL of that up for a "normal" work schedule.

When I worked for Dr.A I used to come home ALL stressed out. So, I decided to take the job with Dr.Mark. I have no holidays, vacation days, sick days, no benefits, work weekends and never have two days off in row. I wish the circumstances were different. But, I love my job and I love working with Dr.Mark. And I don't bring all that stress home. So, in a nutshell, I wouldn't want another job at this point.

And when I "briefly" think I do because of the above mentioned things, Jim reminds me how miserable I was before.

There is a lot to be said for not "hating" you job. It is obviously on your mind a lot.

I'm not sure if any of that helped, but it's just my thoughs on it.

Rebecca said...

thanks for your thoughts ;) I knew you'd be right there where you always are - there for your friends!

Nicci said...

Apply for it and tell yourself if you get it, it was meant to be, and if you don't, then it wasn't. That's awfully simplistic, but it has worked for me twice!

Rebecca said...

Kind of what I was thinking... But dh is really not hot for me driving to Mtplr every day...

Kendra said...

Ok...I understand why dh feels that way. But to be perfectly honest...who cares what he thinks. You have been unhappy for a long time. His primary concern should be your happiness, not how long you drive.

caracolina said...

I tend to agree with your other friends... I'd say, apply, and if they invite you for an interview, ask to get a tour of the place, shake hands with potential coworkers, get a feel for the climate, work environment, etc. Then, based on the results of the interview, you can make a much more informed decision. Regarding the commute, depending on how horrid traffic is, that time can actually be relaxing in my opinion, you could listen to audio books, etc., so you could make this "you" time to a degree. Also... if you worked over there you could potentially have evenings out with coworkers or even by yourself, having some coffee, etc. before driving home. In a nutshell... apply... you can always say no later. Even if it doesn't work out in the end, it is good practice and you will learn from it for the next opportunity.