Monday, December 1, 2008

My weekend

Kendra, I got your card for Thanksgiving! Thank you!

Nicci, just realized I didn't welcome Jesse into this world on my blog - WELCOME JESSE! Congratulations mom and dad, too! Hope all is going well! Don't worry about the blankie - I tried to crochet one for Rémi when he was a baby - finished all but one row before he was born, had no time to finish after he was born and now, have no idea what pattern I used so I still can't finish it!

So this weekend I had my yoga thing - sucked... Way too slow paced for me, people were either wierd (one tried to convert me to taoism) or stupid (the one who organzed it is a babakar khane (that's the teacher who was there) worshipper.) She actually tours around France whenever possible to follow him. You'd think he was Christ the way she was carrying on about him during lunch. Oh i know - I'll stick with my living room dvd instructors! :)
Remi and Alex and I put up our charlie brown tree. At the time i bought decorations, they had literally no choice in this stupid country! Now they have lots of pretty things but Christophe is like "you already have decorations - no need to go buy anymore". add to that the bazillion things the kids create for the tree and the piddly fake tree that's been through 9 Christmasses and doesn't want to go through many more...'s pathetic. I tried to limit the damage - Rémi got 1/3 of the tree, Alex 1/3 and me 1/3 (the front third of course ;) ). I got some new ornaments on sale from a shop that's closing down. and the worst things (for example the blue garland) are special decorations just for the kids room (am i not just the nicest mommy ;) ) so without further ado -


Kendra said...'re WAY ahead of me on the Christmas thing. We don't have tree. And I'm not sure when that will happen. I suppose we could go this Sunday...or wait...Jim has a Board of Directors meeting for football. Already! Football season just ended! Arg! And I work on Saturdays! Arg! Jim went Friday and started the Christmas shopping without me....cause when would I go. Ok...enough of that.

Rebecca said...

Sorry you're so busy. Here I am feeling sorry for myself that I only have 8 days of vacation left. Duh! I guess I've forgotten what life in the USA is like. Here it's more laid back but even so I often feel overwhelmed . Think my problem is too many hobbies and that I hate my job. Maybe if I didn't hate it so much, it wouldn't weigh me down so much...
All I can say is breath, breath, breath - one thing at a time and this too shall pass.

Nicci said...

How come the chick with the newborn was the first to get her decorations up?! Just teasing you all. She was able to do it because her hubby did a fantastic job of getting everything out and helping her with it--in fact, he did most of it. Otherwise, it would all still be in the garage.

And I did ALL of my shopping online during Jesse's naps. :) I may not set foot in a store until February.