Saturday, October 25, 2008

I'm on vacation! YEAH!

My first day of a week off! I'm so excited cause I hate my job. I'm off with the kids who are off for Toussaint (all saints' day) break - they have 10 days off. I'll spend this first week with them and then while I work I'll send them to Mamie Constance's house.
I've had a very productive day - this morning I have already cleaned my bathroom and bedroom, changed my bed to it's winter clothes, which is harder than it sounds cause you have to get the duvet cover on the duvet and until you've tried that you can't imagine how much of a pita it is (btw I LOVE my winter bed - it's so soft and squishy and comfy!), started spaghetti sauce for lunch, caught up on email and ravelry, blogged (that's what i'm doing now, duh...), went and checked out Wendy's blog for the first time and added it to my list of blogs I read (though I haven't yet read it cause she's a very prolific writer!!!! but her kids are adorable!), done some laundry, and it's only 11 am. And now I'm off to do my yoga while Alex plays with her girlfriends! So TTFN!!!


Kendra said...

Wow! You really have been productive. I wish that I could say the same. I don't remember the last time I cleaned my house "good". And I don't have a winter set of bedding. Am I the only one???

I really miss you. I wish we could spend more time together. But, I love to read your posts! So keep it up!

Are you still coming home for Easter?

Rebecca said...

I really miss you too! Still planning on trying to come home for Easter. Here I have to have a summer and winter set because, even though we have central heat and air because i absolutely insisted, it is a fairly new animal here and dh can't imagine leaving it on day and night all year long so it gets turned on in the dead of winter (IF I'm lucky) and maybe sometimes in the summer (IF I throw a fit about sweating in my wn house even though we have air conditioning!) and then only for a few hours at a time. we went round and round about that this summer. I was sweating like a pig during the day and then right before bed when it's actually a decent temp outside and we could open the windows, he decides to shut the house up and turn the air on full blast to cool off the house before we go to bed. Stupid frenchmen! they don't understand anything do they???!!!

Rebecca said...
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Nicci said...

Could you send some of that energy my way? I have so much I need to do, and I can't make myself get off the couch.

Kendra, at least get yourself some flannel sheets, girl. Mmmm...cozy.

Rebecca said...

wish i could nicci. meanwhile lots of prayers and positive thoughts and hugs :)