Thursday, September 4, 2008

No, I'm not dead

Just trying to keep my head above the water as usual. I've stopped flailing for a few hours so my hands are free to type. Though I've got to make it quick so I can go figure out what to make for lunch!
Anyhow, the kids are back in school! Hallelujiah! Summer break is too long and I know that makes me a terrible mother and all but there, it's out. I took this week off so I could help them with the transition of going to their new school. They've been going to a Catholic school in Pezenas (about 15 minutes from here) and we decided to put them in the public schools. So far, it's going well. Hours are better, we can walk to school, they can come home to eat between 12 and 2, which was impossible when they were at P├ęzenas because they only had 1.5 hours for lunch and by the time I got them there and back, and if anyone remembers how fussy and finicky Alex is at the table... Anyhow, it's really working out well and they've already made some friends. I wish we had done this earlier!
Things are going fairly well with me and Christophe. Thank you again for all your continued support and prayers. You have all helped me so much through this difficult period and I LOVE YOU for this and for so much more.
I am now officially an RN in the USA now! Yeah me! Which means I can work as a nurse in Tennessee tomorrow if need be.
OK - gotta go fix lunch! Bye!


Kendra said...

Congratulations!! Maybe you won't NEED work here. But maybe one day you'll WANT to work here. We can all hold out hope, right?

Nicci said...

Okay, so when are you moving back?

And "ONLY" 1.5 hours for lunch? What the heck?! It's THIRTY MINUTES here!!

Wendy said...

I'm so glad to hear from you!!! That's wonderful that things are going better for you and your husband. About the lunch thing, Phoenix has to eat lunch at 10:30 at the middle school so by the time he gets home, he is STARVING!!! I'm jealous that your babies get to come home to eat!

Hope said...

woo hoo glad you are not dead! I wish I had an 1.5 lunch when i was in school!

So glad to see you getting back.

Anonymous said...

yea becca, you posted again. i'm so glad, it makes me feel like you're here instead of there! i'll be looking for u a job here. usa needs good nurses! keep on keeping on and hopefully all things will work out. have i told you just how much i admire your strenght and fortitude? in i haven't, i am now. love ya.mama